Specialized in design and execution, our name “Modassic” is inspired by the unity of classical heritage and modernity displayed in unique artistic styles.

Background of the Company

Modassic was founded in Jeddah Saudi Arabia in 2007 by Mrs. Mona Al-Esayi focusing on art appreciation, professionalism, and client’s unique needs. Started its legacy with the launch of a high-end showroom offering elite furniture, selective art pieces and luxurious home accessories imported from the finest European brands and art galleries. Then the Interior Design Department was established followed by the Architecture and Execution Departments in which the methodology goes beyond the boundaries of traditional designs to create unique, harmonious spaces that express our client’s lifestyle while maintaining a balanced design. We have always strived to provide our clients with the professionalism and attention to details that levels up to their appreciation. Through this, Modassic aims to be the one-stop destination capable of providing integrated solutions from design to execution for both the commercial and residential sectors.


Mona Al-Esayi began her exploration into the world of design by closely studying culture and history, from palace courtyards to museum halls admiring the craftsmanship and details of early design pioneers and the stories they revealed through their work. Her journey drove her to further pursuit knowledge in the field and started visiting Europe’s finest furniture stores and factories gaining a holistic understanding of the industry’s leaders and technicalities. All that passion led her to the academic achievement of an Interior design degree. Using these experiences, she established Modassic to spread a culture of knowledge and beauty that elevates the Saudi home. She achieves this through a creative philosophy that utilizes modern and classical design techniques. The name (MODASSIC) was inspired by the fusion of the modern and classic styles.