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client spirit is the essence of the design

Modassic believes in designing through a reflection of the client’s vision and individuality. This is the source of inspiration and creativity to our team when drafting design solutions. Our innovative designs are formulated through initial sessions with our clients. These sessions are the cornerstone towards understanding their requirements and knowing their personalities as an essential step for us to start the design process and produce the best possible plans and details based on their needs. We give special attention and care to each project. We value continuous communication with our clients in order to achieve the highest quality results for them.


where reality meets imagination

Quality of implementation, attention to details and commitment to deliver are our execution team’s standards. Our highly specialized architectural and execution teams are equipped with all the skills needed to drive projects from concept to reality.


core of completion

To ensure the realization of the client's vision, Modassic provides on-site supervision with a team of project managers to monitor the progress of each milestone according to its defined timeline and execution phases based on our designs and drawings.


spirit of space

Modassic invites you to its unique collection of the latest and finest European furniture, offering quality pieces, elegant wallpaper, floor carpets, fancy curtain fabrics, trimmings, stunning home accessories & lighting selections. Though our catalog is broad, we do not limit our client’s choices to only the collection we hold. We also offer the service of providing special requests from other furniture houses - local and international - as needed to match their vision.


guidance along the way

Our consultations are based on best practices and innovative perspective. We support you with advisory services in the areas of architecture, interior design and furnishing resulting in best made decisions.


living innovation

Woodwork is a live element that adds a special layer of spirit and meaning to a project. Whether it is used for execution work and cladding, or for unique furniture pieces and decorations, we design and implement all wooden solutions in-house.